Quality Snacks for over 30 years!

Honesty Snacks have delivered quality snacks to businesses for over 30 years. With no upfront costs, deposits or contracts, Honesty Snacks make it hassle-free to satisfy those afternoon snack cravings!

Our renowned “Sometimes Always” Honesty snack box includes a diverse range of snack options to suit all taste buds including old favourites you can have as a “Sometimes” snack such as confectionery, chips, cookies, breath mints and cough lollies as well as the healthier snacks you should “Always” snack on such as nut mixes, nut bars, gluten free bars and protein bars.

Our new Healthy Honesty snack box includes a variety of popular and healthy snack options full of wholesome ingredients that taste great. These snacks have a natural balance of flavour and we’re sure there will be something for everyone including All Natural, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Paleo, Preservative Free, Vegan, Fructose Free, High in Fibre and High in Protein snacks.


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We proudly support Live for Lily because there are four words no parent should ever have to hear…. “your child has cancer.” Your honesty ensures funds are donated to help find a cure for childhood cancer. Let’s work together to help kids. For more information or to donate, go to liveforlily.org.au

We supply Honesty Snack Boxes to thousands of businesses including:


Honesty Snacks. Quick. Tasty. Simple.